Selected Portfolio


Byte London
2017 - Present

Creative Planner(Freelance)

Create content frameworks and calendars for all social channels for Spotify Turkey.
Write, schedule and publish social media posts.
Monitor music trends and inform the wider team.
The guardian of the Spotify Turkey brand in social media.

Wizard Digital
2012 - 2018

Co-Founder & Creative Director

I've worked with 10+ advertisers where I lead the whole creative process. I was at the forefront of collaborating with top brands, formulating communication strategies to include their creative ideas and narrative to come up with unique solutions for their true representations in social media and many other mediums. Major brands I work with are Reebok, Dardanel, Spotify, Colgate and Greyder.

Lead all stages of the creative process, the team and the projects.
Originate digital and social media strategies with their creative ideas and scenarios.
Meeting and managing new business clients.
Manage, monitor and strategize creativity for social media channels for multiple clients.
Art director for the key visual design and mobile apps.

Wanda Digital
2010 - 2012

Art Director

After graduating from college in 2010, I started working for one of my dream agencies, Wanda Digital. In such a fast-paced work environment, adaptation was just as fast. It was so exciting to work with major global brands like Frito Lay, Doritos, Ruffles, Lay’s, Huggies and Rocco as well as getting to dive into major Turkish brands like AtlasJet, Ziraat Bankasi and Yapi Kredi . Not only did I get to work with one of the most creative and successful art director teams we also won several awards. Quickly, I became a team lead at Wanda, leading new advertisers and interns within the agency. After two and a half years, I decided to part ways for something more exciting, which was to fulfill another big dream of opening my own advertising agency.

2007 - 2010


During my university studies, I worked part-time at O-HAA! which was a last-of-its- kind humor magazine. My father is a caricaturist so working at a classic humor magazine was a childhood dream come true. I remember meeting the team for the very first time; I was so excited. I designed the website and made updates every week with a coding process that I had developed which allowed the magazine to have a strong online presence.

2006 - 2007

Jr. Webmaster

While I was studying at college I worked part-time at Here, I mostly worked on creating flash banners, web pages and graphic designs of this B2B business platform. This new perspective and experience in corporate life were an excellent introduction to what is now what I do which is to provide a service to clients that they love.


Creative & Social Media
UI & UX Design
Art Direction
Photo & Video (Content Creation)


Awards that I'm proud to be introduce;

Kristal Elma / Mobile Marketing / Rocconnect / Achievement Award

Altın Örümcek / Culture & Art / Grand Master Sinan The Architech / 3rd

Altın Örümcek / Tourism & Travel / Keşfetsene / Public Choice Award

Altın Örümcek / Blog / Keşfetsene / Public Choice Award

Altın Örümcek / Advertising & PR / Wizard Digital / Public Choice Award

Mediacat Felis / The Best Social Media Usage / Rocconnect / 1st

Mixx Awards / Viral / Rocconnect / Golden Award

Mixx Awards / Mobile Media Campaign / Rocco Tıkla Konuş / Golden Award

Mixx Awards / Social Media Application / Rocco Rocconnect / Bronze Award

Digital Age / The Best Creative Social Media Application / Rocco Tıkla Konuş / 2nd Award


I am Burak who just moved to Stockholm. I've been working with design and communications, focused on digital since 2005. I work mainly on Art Direction, UI & UX, Digital Marketing and Social Media Projects. Working with the Y generation, then being a leader amongst my peers became my main motivation in this field. Among many accomplishments, global client list includes the following Reebok, Benetton, Spotify, Colgate, Sony, Doritos, Lay's etc.

Let's keep it simple

During the day I constantly find myself imagining and this is exactly what helps me do my job. I am a full believer in imagination. And the time spent imagining is just as important as the time I set apart for research and design.

Let's Talk

Love to collaborate with lovely people.

Sandhamnsgatan 23

5th floor, 115 60

Stockholm, Sweden

+46 7373 46 505