Boamak Website

Art Direction

    Boamak, one of the biggest farm industry firm in Antalya asked us about redesign their website as fast, nice and lovely. They wanted to export for European countries so it has to look like the worldwide design and understandable at first sight. First, we suggested them a photo shooting with real Turkish farmers but unfortunately, we used stock photos with tiny touches as photo manipulation. I created a bright and shiny stage with farmer, the machine, 'one line' for the homepage and designed a nice generator which helps you create your own machine, detail pages using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. I also managed all of the processes from contacting to the client, organizing the developer team until it finished.

  • Agency: Wizard Digital
  • Project Manager & Art Director:Burak Ardalı
  • Front-End Developer:Arthur Lee Jones
  • Back-End Developer:Kadir İnanıcı

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